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Meet The Briarcliff Staff

Briarcliff Value Drugs

Anthony Bozzi

Managing Partner | Value Drugs, Briarcliff

Anthony is the managing partner of Value Drugs in Briarcliff Manor. He joined Value Drugs in March of 1996 at the age 15 as a stockperson in the Bronxville store. It started as a part-time after school job, but as time went on it became much more than that. Working at different locations and in different positions, he decided after he graduated college that he was going to stick with Value Drugs. It was a family business and he always felt like a member of the family. He became a partner in the business when we opened our Briarcliff location in 2007. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to establish Value Drugs as the community drug store in the Briarcliff area. He enjoyed the area so much, that he and his family moved to the community. He has a passion for this business and for always making sure his customers are happy.
Briarcliff Value Drugs

Gary Moretto

Pharmacist | Value Drugs, Briarcliff

Briarcliff Value Drugs

Ken Elliot

Manager | Value Drugs, Briarcliff

Briarcliff Value Drugs

Steven Socci

Assistant Manager | Value Drugs, Briarcliff & Eastchester