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Meet The Bronxville Staff

Bronxville Value Drugs

Michael Carugan

Store Manager | Value Drugs, Bronxville

Michael Carugan is the Store Manager in the Bronxville location. He started working at Value Village in Brewster as a stock boy at the age of 16. From there he moved around stores until he graduated from the University of Rhode Island and settled in Bronxville. If you ask him what he enjoys the most of about his job, it would be the changing of merchandise throughout the different seasons. It's great to hear customers reactions when you're done setting up for a new season after putting in so much hard work into something you love to do.

Bronxville Value Drugs

Rosanna Osso-Iacono

Pharmacist | Value Drugs, Bronxville

Rosanna earned her doctorate in pharmacy at St. John's University in 2005. She believes in compassionate patient care. One of her goals as a pharmacist is to help patients feel confident and knowledgable about their drug regimen. Come visit her at our Bronxville pharmacy to experience accurate, courteous service in a timely manner.
Bronxville Value Drugs

Christina Macheda

Assistant Manager | Value Drugs, Bronxville