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Value Drugs Loyalty Program

-10,000 points for signing on
-Invites to Flash Sales
-Invites to Friends and Family Events
-Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons only accepted as a loyalty member
-ALL purchases made accumulate points *

When shopping in our stores, use the Value Drugs loyalty program to get points, redeem rewards and save instantly at the time of purchase. Plus, unlock additional savings with paperless coupons, special promotions and members only offers.  Opt in for emailed receipts and link your account to our biometric technology.

How to use your membership:

At the time of checkout –

Give your name or give your phone number or use your fingerprint to look up your account.  Redeem rewards at anytime when checking out. 


Start collecting point today!

Points Pay Off

$1    = 1000 points

$2    = 2000 points

$3    = 3000 points

$4    = 4000 points

$5    = 5000 points

$10  = 10,000 points

$20  = 20,000 points

$50  = 50,000 points

** points are not accumulated on prescriptions and certain items are excluded.